Graduation Initiative

National Perspectives

Chronicle of Higher Education

Barriers for Low Income Students (PDF)

Building Latino Male Achievement (PDF)

Caring Professors (PDF)

College Mentors (PDF)

Emergency Aid (PDF)

Homeless Students (PDF)

How a University Fights to Keep Students' Demographics from Becoming their Destiny (PDF)

Math Gets a Makeover (PDF)

Predictive Analytics and Student Success (PDF)

Who is First Generation? (PDF)

The Education Trust

A Look at Black Student Success (PDF)

Access to Success (PDF)

Do Black Students Benefit as Grad Rates Increase? (PDF)

Higher Ed Impact: Diversity and Retention

Campus Diversity: Beyond Just Enrollment (PDF)

The Data you Need (PDF)

Boosting Retention for Ethnic Minority Students: Leveraging Peer Leadership (PDF)

Boosting Retention for Ethnic Minority Students:  Faculty Buy-in and Involvement (PDF)

Boosting Retention for Ethnic Minority Students: First-year Seminar for a Minority Cohort (PDF)

Minority Students:  Study Abroad and Academic Success (PDF)

Inside Higher Ed

Algebra Not Required (PDF)

Analytics Retention (PDF)

Booze and Pot (PDF)

Faculty Tips for First-Gen Students (PDF)

Health Care Strategy for Higher Ed (PDF)

Lost Men on Campus (PDF)

Mainstreaming Remedial Math (PDF)

Reaching First-Gen Students (PDF)


Great Jobs Great Lives (Gallup-Purdue Index Report) (PDF)

Helping the Poor in Education (NY Times) (PDF)

How Public Universities Can Promote Access and Success for All Students (Center for American Progress) (PDF)

Humanities Creativity in the Age of Online (Christopher Newfield) (PDF)

Latino College Success (Excelencia in Education) (PDF)

Nudging for Success (ideas42) (PDF)

Six Reasons You May Not Graduate on Time (Meredith Kolodner) (PDF)

Social-Psychological Interventions in Education (Review of Educational Research) (PDF)

State of Latinos in Higher Education (Campaign for College Opportunity) (PDF)

Stats vs. Remediation (Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis) (PDF)

Status and Trends in the Education of Racial and Ethnic Groups (Institute of Education Sciences) (PDF)

Ten Salient Practices of Undergraduate Research Mentors (Shanahan, Ackley-Holbrook, Hall, Stewart, and Wilkington) (PDF)

The Underprepared Student and Community Colleges (Center for Community College Student Engagement) (PDF)

UT Austin 4-year Grad Report (PDF)

UT Mindset Intervention (PNAS) (PDF)

Who Gets to Graduate? (NY Times) (PDF)

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