Human Identification Lab at Chico State

For Law Enforcement

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For assistance with forensic casework or expert witness testimony, please contact us at 530-898-4029 or

The Human Identification Lab provides forensic anthropology services to state and federal law enforcement, medical examiners and attorneys. We assist the legal system to resolve criminal and missing persons cases, providing closure to families. The lab provides these services directly to law enforcement, medical examiners and attorneys, and is not authorized to share information regarding specific cases to the media or the public.

Recovery Services

  • Search and recovery of human remains from outdoor scenes and disaster zones
  • Locating clandestine grave sites
  • Forensic archaeological excavation and documentation of outdoor scenes and fire scenes

Human vs Non-Human Identification

  • Identifying species either in-person or via photos

Laboratory Analysis 

  • Establishing a biological profile for unidentified remains, including age, sex, ancestry, and stature
  • Trauma analysis
  • Isotopic analysis
  • Comparative medical radiography


  • Excavation methods
  • Human remains recovery
  • Bone identification

Our faculty can also serve as expert witnesses in court testimony. 

For more information, please contact us at: 

Phone: 530-898-4029