Multicultural and Gender Studies

Margot van der Bie

Class of 2017
Women's Studies BA
Life post graduation has been wonderful - I am currently living in Portland, OR with my partner (also a MCGS grad!) and our two cats. For the first few years after graduation, I was a Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate at two domestic violence agencies. After graduation, I was hired to be the Legal Advocate at Catalyst Domestic Violence Services, assisting victims and survivors navigate restraining orders and child custody issues. Once relocating to Portland, I was a Housing Advocate for Volunteers of America, Oregon helping survivors find permanent safe housing. I recently made a career shift and am currently working at a small law firm that focuses on LGBTQ+ family creation and protection. Our work primarily focuses on adoption and parentage, helping domestic and international LGBTQ+ clients have children through Assisted Reproduction Technology and Adoption. Despite the many protections that came from marriage equality, many same-gender partners still face discrimination in establishing their parental rights and having them recognized, especially internationally. Being able to do work that fuses my passion for social justice and working with families is incredibly rewarding. My MCGS education shows up in my work (past and present), my social life, and in my personal reflection daily. The foundation of intersectionality and social justice that my MCGS classes laid out for me is at the center of the work I do and the way I live my life. Through my formal education, internships, on-campus employment, and the lifelong friendships I have created (with students and faculty!) because of MCGS, I am so glad I chose Multicultural and Gender Studies for my undergraduate education. I am a better global citizen because of it!
Portrait of Margot van der Bie