Multicultural and Gender Studies

Morgan Bass

Morgan Bass is a graduating senior who has an extensive academic background within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. She is pursuing a B.A. in Multicultural and Gender Studies, B.A. in Anthropology, and five minors (three of which come from the MCGS department). This semester she is the Research and Program Development intern— actively involved in curriculum redesign, articulating our programs to those in other schools, and outreach.

She is a recognized student in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences who has received two Dean’s List Awards. In 2016, she was the director of photography for the film “A Land of Our Own” which was featured in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Symposium. In addition to her academics she has spent some time out in the field, working intimately with different groups. To film the documentary, she spent time with the Mechoopda tribe teasing out the social, psychological, and medical consequences surrounding their experiences of intergenerational trauma. Additionally, she was one of the first two students and Chico State to study abroad in Montevideo, Uruguay. During her time abroad, she studied academic sources and interviewed locals to research the origins and development of Uruguayan national identity.

Aside from an intense university life, Morgan likes to enjoy the simple things in life. She often hikes in Upper Park, spends lots of time with her dog, and recently picked up oil painting. Experiences are everything and it’s important to collect as many meaningful ones as possible.