Multicultural and Gender Studies

Alejandro Alfaro Ramirez

Change the World Award

My name is Alejandro Alfaro Ramirez. I am a 4th year graduating senior, double majoring in Multicultural and Gender Studies & Intersectional Chicanx and Latinx Studies and minoring in Womxn Studies and Latin American Studies. I am originally from Chico, CA, but have lived in the Sacramento area most of my life.

While at Chico State, I have involved myself with Students for Quality Education, M.E.Chx.A, L.E.A.D, Chico State Pride, and STOP (Stop Trafficking of Persons). I worked as an intern for the California Faculty Association for two years, working with my fellow interns to run Chico State’s chapter of Students for Quality Education. During my time as an intern, SQE organized around political issues on campus, including tuition and fee increase, presence of white supremacists on campus, attacks on our undocumented community, and advocating for demilitarization of police on campus. I was a part of a statewide effort to plan a CSU-wide rally at the California State Capitol in May 2018 to demand full state funding for the CSU, which had over 1,000 students in attendanceI also lobbied with the California Faculty Association in Sacramento to support legislation that would benefit student and faculty in the CSU.

In Fall 2018, with the help of my academic advisors, took a visitor’s semester at CSU, Long Beach to take classes through their Chicanx and Latinx Studies Department. Through this, I was able to compliment the knowledge gained through my Intersectional Chicanx and Latinx Studies major.

During the 2017-2018 school year, I served as the Diversity and Inclusion Liaison on the Student Academic Senate. I was also elected and served as the AS Director of University Affairs for the 2019-2020 school year. In this position, I co-authored the Resolution Denouncing White Supremacy and Hate Speech at CSU,Chico and Resolution Denouncing A Potential U.S. War with Iran. I also co-wrote a statement in support of student protests at UC Santa Cruz in February 2020. Additionally, as the chair of the Student Academic Senate, helped organize and push forward a historic joint resolution between the student senate and the Academic Senate titled Statement of Support in Service with and for Students of Color at CSU, Chico. Finally, worked with other student activists in November 2019 to disrupt a Zionist speaker event that was taking place on campus.

Portrait of Alejandro Alfaro Ramirez