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Department of Music and Theatre

Spring 2020 Outstanding Student Awards

    Musical Theatre - Kelsey Campbell

    Portrait of Kelsey CampbellI would like to thank my professors, specifically Matthew Teague Miller, Megan Glynn Zollinger, and Dara Scholz, for believing in me and guiding me for these past 4 years. This department has truly changed me, and I will never forget my time here. Thank you.

    Kelsey Campbell

    Theatre Arts - Tristin Knox

    Portrait of Tristin KnoxTo the Music and Theatre Department of California State University of Chico: I am incredibly grateful to be the recipient of this award. This program has ensured that my four short years as a student in this institution would lead me to achieving success beyond my wildest imagination, and to receive this award is so validating and humbling; it's palpable. I look forward to sharing any future endeavors of mine with my professors as I owe anything that proceeds after my graduation to the amazing faculty in this department.

    Tristin Knox

    General Music - Gabriel Samaro

    Portrait of Gabriel SamaroThank you to the Music and Theater Department for selecting me to be the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Student Award - General Music. It has been an honor and a privilege to learn and grow in this program. I plan to take what I have learned here, both inside the classroom and out, and use it to go far in my professional career and onward. Thank you again to the amazing faculty and staff that have taken the time and effort to help me succeed.

    Gabriel Samaro

    Music Industry - Royee Avitzur

    Portrait of Royee AvitzurDear Department of Music and Theatre, I am sending you this letter to show my sincere appreciation to the department for choosing me as the recipient of the Outstanding Student: Music Industry Award. I am extremely grateful and happy that the work I have done in the Music Industry Program is being seen and appreciated. I am so thankful for the opportunities and experiences that are provided to students in the Music Industry Program. I can definitely say that I am better equipped to succeed in the music industry because of what I have learned at California State University, Chico. As a soon to be graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, I am looking forward to representing California State University, Chico in the music industry. Thank you,

    Royee Avitzur

    Music Education - Rebecca Solis

    portrait of Rebecca SolisMUTA Department, I am honored to be the 2020 recipient of the Outstanding Student-Music Education Award. Being a music educator has been my life’s passion since I was in middle school. Words cannot express how happy I am to find out my hard work has been recognized, especially in these difficult times. I would especially like to thank my music education teachers for helping me grow over the past three years. They continue to push and inspire me to be the best student possible. Without the MUTA department, or it’s staff, I wouldn’t have been able to participate in some of the life changing organizations and events over the past years. I look forward to applying the award to my next year of study in the MUTA department. Thank you again for considering me as the outstanding music education student.

    Rebecca Solis

    Recording Arts - Edson Cruz Martinez

    Portrait of Edson Cruz Martinez

    I wanted to take the time today to sincerely thank you for your kind donations towards funding students in this wonderful department. I’m deeply honored to have been selected for the 2020 Outstanding Student – Recording Arts award. Although we are living in strange times, this award comes as a sign that better things will come. As a proud son of immigrant parents and one of the 800,000 students commonly referred to as Dreamers here in the U.S, I’ve lived the past 23 years of my life knowing discipline and dedication is what sets you apart from others. When my family and I came to this country, there was no doubt in our minds it was going to be a long and tough road. Today I’m proud to say, I’m the 3rd in my family to be completing a degree at a credited University. I’m thankful for my family’s utmost support and intend to continue making them proud. I have no doubt in my mind Chico State has provided me with applicable skills which I'm certain will guide me towards the path to success. Opportunities like these are rare and I surely do not take any help for granted. I’m excited for what my future holds and look forward to receiving my degree and cannot thank you enough for providing me the means to move forward with my plans, my motivation has only gotten stronger. To the exceptional faculty, colleagues, coworkers, friends and every single person I came to meet in this wonderful campus, thank you, I will forever be in debt with you. It is because of you my experience here at Chico State will always be dear to my heart. Thank you and may today
    decide tomorrow.

    Edson Cruz Martinez

    Congratulations to all 2020 graduates!

    May all of your future successes be a reflection of all the hard work and challenges you endured.

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    Edith Gould Award
    Nick Ellena Aspiring Music Educator Award
    North State Symphony Award