Office of the President

Research and Grant Development Council; Replaced by EM 89-016

Executive Memorandum 86-010 October 3, 1986

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Research and Grant Development Council; Replaced by EM 89-016.

Upon recommendation of the Faculty Senate, the attached document is approved for immediate implementation. Its effect is to define the Council's purpose, membership, and charge.



The purpose of the Research and Grant Development Council is to enhance the scholarly productivity of California State University, Chico faculty. The Council provides faculty consultation for instructionally related research, both basic and applied, grants and contracts related to such research and extramurally sponsored demonstration and training programs, as well as scholarly efforts and related activities. The Council will promote the University's efforts to secure support for program development and will foster the most favorable environment possible for scholarly activity. Therefore, the Council shall:

  • Evaluate University efforts in grants, contracts, and foundation activities as they relate to sponsorship for research, demonstration, or training programs.
  • Assist and advise on faculty proposals for extramural funding, enhancing the work of the Graduate School in developing and evaluating such proposals.
  • Recommend the allocation of incentive resources to faculty as various resources become available.

Membership and Terms of Office

  • The Council will consist of 15 full-time faculty members.
  • The Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Vice President for Research will be an ex officio member.
  • Faculty will serve three-year terms, and five of the 15 members will be appointed each year. Members shall be tenured and tenure-track faculty representing a diversity of academic fields and achievements in teaching, research, and scholarly and creative activities. Of these appointments, there will be a minimum of one Council member from each of the eight colleges. Council members will be appointed jointly by the Chair of the Senate and the Provost after consultation with the Senate Executive Committee and the Dean of the Graduate School.
  • The Council will be chaired by the Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Vice President for Research.
  • The Chair will develop meeting schedules and agenda to be distributed by the Office of the Graduate School with full consideration of the duties and scheduling commitments of Council members.


  • To provide assistance to faculty in the design, preparation, and submission of research proposals to extramural funding agencies.
  • To recommend administrative, organizational, and procedural changes in the use of on-campus resources that will:
    • Encourage faculty to develop sponsored projects and participate in professional development activities;
    • Reduce barriers to this participation.
    • These recommendations will be made to the administration or to the Senate as appropriate.
  • To review the application of the base and unit incentive allocation formulas of grant-generated funds as approved by the Foundation Board of Governors.
  • To provide consultation pertaining to the allocation of resources that support sponsored projects and professional development.
  • To establish evaluation criteria and procedures and to make nominations to the Graduate Dean and Associate Vice President for Research for the following:
    • Summer research fellowships which are funded by the University Foundation;
    • Sponsored Projects which are funded by the University and which support the development of extramural grant proposals and extramurally funded projects.
  • To provide a Council member to sit on the Faculty Recognition and Support sub-committee which selects concept papers to be developed into proposals for the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend program.
  • To promote graduate fellowships and assistantships in cooperation with the Graduate Council.
  • To develop industry-university partnerships which help to develop research projects and scholarly and creative activities.
  • To serve as the University's copyright and patent committee, pursuant to the Executive Memorandum 83-008.
  • To present an annual report of Council activities to the Chair of the Faculty Senate and the Provost.