Office of the President

Policy for Use of University Facilities; Superceded by EM 97-020

Executive Memorandum 90-003 February 23, 1990

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Policy for Use of University Facilities; Superceded by EM 97-020.

The attached policy is approved for immediate implementation. A set of procedures for reserving university facilities is available from the Facilities Reservation Office in the University Information Center.


I. Policy

It is the policy of California State University, Chico to make maximum use of its physical facilities for its own institutional and instructional purposes. When facilities are not required for instructional purposes, they may be reserved and used for functions which are offered by recognized university organizations, auxiliary organizations, or student organizations. Outside organizations may also use the facilities when the event is co­-sponsored by University Public Events.

University organizations must be officially recognized, approved, and registered by an office on campus. Faculty and staff organizations register with the Provost's Office.

Student organizations are approved by and registered in the Student Activities Office (SAO). Recognized support groups, which consist of campus and community members and which are organized to support projects which benefit the University, are registered with the University Relations Office.

Organizations or individuals denied use of facilities or equipment may appeal in writing to the Facilities Review Committee, which includes the Director of University Public Events, the Director of University Services, the Facility Reservations Coordinator, and a representative from the Student Activities Office and the Office of the Provost.

Facility lease fees may be waived for recognized university organizations, auxiliary organizations, and student organizations. Charges for consumables, energy, and personnel will be assessed if the event is after normal working hours or if there is an admission charge. Associated Students will provide the University with insurance coverage for events it sponsors.

Stage technicians are required for all events held in Laxson Auditorium, Harlen Adams Theatre, Larry Wismer Theatre, and Ruth Rowland Taylor Theatre.

A house manager is required for all public events held in the following facilities:

Acker Gymnasium, Shurmer Gymnasium, Robert Laxson Auditorium, Harlen Adams Theatre, Larry Wismer Theatre, Ruth Rowland Taylor Theatre, University Football Stadium, University Soccer Stadium

University police officers will be assigned to provide extra coverage if warranted by the nature of the event.

California State University, Chico is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution, and no person shall be excluded from participation in any programs in, access to, or use of any facility owned or operated by California State University, Chico on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, religion, or national origin.