Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Karla Ahumada Regalado

Student Research Assistant
Born and raised in the agricultural town of Salinas, CA (Salad Bowl of the World!), Karla Ahumada Regalado was involved in the agriculture industry from a young age in several ways. Working alongside her family either picking strawberries or harvesting lettuce, Karla knew she wanted an education and career in agriculture, regardless of the arduous workdays. She is now a first-generation undergraduate student at Chico State working towards a B.S. both in Agricultural Business and Plant and Soil Science (Crops and Horticulture). She worked at the Organic Dairy Unit for a year, where she milked cows, developed nutritious feed rations, assisted in pasture management and much more. At the Organic Dairy, with guidance from Darby Heffner and Cynthia Daley, she discovered her passion for soil health and regenerative systems. Now, Karla has transitioned from the Organic Dairy Unit onto the Soil Processing Lab within CRARS, where she is further expanding her knowledge on the impact of different farming styles and analyzing soil health. Karla hopes to combine her Ag Business and Plant and Soil Science education to assist in the development of farming strategies that protect natural resources and increase farmers' financial success.
Outside of work, Karla enjoys riding her horse, going on road trips, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.
Portrait of Karla Ahumada Regalado