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Books and Booklets

  • Abingdon Glossary of Religious Terms by Thayer S. Warshaw. A handy reference that provides brief, easy-to-understand definitions of biblical, theological, and religious terms. 1978. (94 pp.), $3.00.
  • A Compact Guide to Bible Based Beliefs by Thayer S. Warshaw. A listing of passages from the Bible that religious groups use to justify specific beliefs and practices. 1978. (43 pp.), $3.00.
  • An Introduction to Public Education Religion Studies edited by Nicholas Piediscalzi and Kay Alexander. A National Council on Religion and Public Education Curriculum Resource Guide. 1987. (90 pp.), $5.00.
  • Literary Interpretations of Biblical Narratives (two volumes) edited by Kenneth R.R. Gros Louis with James S. Ackerman. 1982. (320 pp.), temporarily unavailable.
  • Public Education Religion Studies: An Overview edited by Paul J. Will et. al. Essays by Nicholas Piediscalzi, Ninian Smart, and other religion scholars and educators. 1981. (294 pp.), $5.00.
  • Public Education Religion Studies: Questions and Answers. National Council on Religion and Public Education. 1974. (22 pp.), $1.00.
  • Religion and the Public Schools, a special thematic issue of Social Studies Review: Journal of the California Council for the Social Studies. Essays by school teachers, administrators, and religion scholars. 2001. (86 pp.), $3.00.
  • Reviews of Curricular and Resource Materials edited by Thayer S. Warshaw. 1981. (37 pp.), $2.00.
  • Spotlight on Teaching about Religion in the Schools, a supplement to Religious Studies News edited by Bruce Grelle and D. Keith Naylor. Essays by religion scholars and educators. 2002. (12 pp.), free.
  • Teaching About World Religions. A spiral bound collection of articles, resource lists, bibliographies. A National Council on Religion and Public Education Curriculum Resource Guide. 1987. (126 pp.), $6.00.
  • Teaching the Bible in Literature Classes. A spiral-bound collection of articles, resource lists, and bibliographies. A National Council on Religion and Public Education Curriculum Resource Guide. 1987. (118 pp.), $6.00


  • "Accommodating the Religious Diversity of Public School Students" by Charles Kniker. 1988. (9 pp.), $1.00.
  • "Around Religion, about Religion, of Religion, and Religion: The Issues in Public School Teaching Today" by Martin Marty. 1988. (14 pp.), $1.00.
  • "Public Education Religion Studies: 1950-2000" by Nicholas Piediscalzi. 1988. (14 pp.), $1.00.
  • "Teaching About Religions in Today's Secondary Social Studies Classrooms: The Iowa Survey" by Charles R. Kniker. 1987. (16 pp.), $1.00.
  • "A Survey of State Laws and Regulations Regarding Religion and Moral Education" by Charles Kniker. 1989. (27 pp.), $2.00

The following Religious Studies Units were developed and field tested by teachers under the supervision of the Public Education Religious Studies Center staff at a 1976-77 Teacher Education Institute funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and Wright State University:

  • Special Time in Families. Eighth Grade Language Arts. (9 pp.), $3.00.
  • Black Tribal African Religions with some emphasis on Christianity and Islam in Africa. Sixth Grade Social Studies. (24 pp.), $3.00.
  • Ancient Egypt. Fourth Grade Social Studies. (9 pp.), $3.00.
  • Macbeth. Tenth Grade English. (9 pp.), $3.00.
  • Siddartha: An Introduction to Buddhism and Hinduism Yesterday and Today. Eleventh Grade English. (12 pp.), $3.00.
  • Russian Iconograph: Russia's Contribution to the Art of Western Civilization. Secondary Humanities. (9 pp.), $3.00.
  • The Religious Quest. Seventh Grade (16 pp.), $3.00.