Strategic Planning

A Message from President Steve Perez

In order to chart a clear path for the University’s future, we need strong alignment around what makes us great, what makes us unique, and what makes us strong. With this consensus, we will make well-thought-out decisions and overcome our challenges.

The campus will build this alignment through refreshing our Strategic Plan and working to build “Community Agreements,” which will identify and reflect our core values and provide a framework to enhance our commitment to an inclusive work and learning environment.
current Strategic Plan (PDF) (PDF) sunsets at the end of the 2023-24 academic year and I’ve assembled a steering committee to engage the campus in the creation of a new plan.

In line with the University’s mission, vision, and values, our next strategic plan will provide guidance for institutional decisions both in the day-to-day and to carry Chico State forward for the long term.  I hope you will join me and your colleagues in this endeavor.