Technology & Learning Program

Accessible Course Materials

"To the extent possible, instructional materials, including online course materials must be available to students with disabilities at the same time it is available to any other student enrolled in a course." -- the CSU Board of Trustees Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations (Executive Order 926)

Accessibility is a Shared Responsibility

Improve your Accessibility Score

Ally is a tool that gives a quick look at the accessibility of your course materials. 

Your Ally Course Accessibility Score is based on all of the content in your course (Pages, Announcements, Files, Videos, Images, etc.) -- whether it is visible to students or not. 

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Checking Accessibility in Canvas

  1. Use the Accessibility Checker in Canvas's content editor when creating content. 
  2. Run the Ally Course Accessibility Report for existing content. 
  3. Request help fixing existing content from TLP