Technology & Learning Program

Keep Teaching

Essentials for Teaching in the Virtual Environment

Leverage our written and video tutorials to get up to speed on the essential tools for faculty members using online environments for their classes.

Even if you have not used any of these tools in the past, we are here to help. We also offer just-in-time workshops on a weekly basis. Check our Keep Teaching Workshops(opens in new window) page for offerings.

Communicate with Students Using Blackboard Learn

  • Upload your syllabus to Blackboard Learn if it is not there already. If necessary, revise the syllabus and communicate course changes to students.
  • Announcements - communicate critical updates to your students.
  • Email - communicate more routine communications to your students.
  • Discussion Board- enable students to have an in-depth conversation around a topic.

Record Mini-Lectures Using Kaltura

Using Zoom for Live Instruction & Office Hours

Teach a Live, Virtual Class Using Zoom

Host Student/Office Hours Using Zoom

Zoom FAQs and Knowledge Base

Access & Grade Student Work Using Blackboard Learn