Technology & Learning Program

Additional Resources

Blackboard Learn 


Office of Accessible Technology (OATS) 

As faculty, you may run into an issue accommodating students with disabilities for particular parts of the course.

PDF Support

For example, you may have PDFs you uploaded to Blackboard Learn that Blackboard Ally shows as Needs Help with a red dial. Did you know that the Office of Accessible Technology Services(opens in new window) is available to make these content items inclusive for all our students?

Simply create a ticket to request PDF accessibility support(opens in new window).

Captioning Support 

By default, all videos uploaded to Blackboard through Kaltura Media are captioned. However, you can request captioning support(opens in new window) to improve the existing captions or  request captions for other sources. 


Kurzweil(opens in new window)is an inclusive technology, text-to-speech, learning tool.  If you have made the decision to make Kurzweil available to your students or your own use, OATS can help with training and support. 

Library Support

How to make an appointment online with a librarian(opens in new window).    

Off-Campus Computer Help & Internet Access 

Student Resources

Check out the Wildcat Computing Support (WCS) page to stay on top of available resources for students.

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