Technology & Learning Program

About TLP

"TLP empowers faculty to use educational technology to design courses that maximize student learning."

The university's teaching mission requires a concerted effort to support those who carry out quality integration of student learning. While the potential influence of technology on teaching is profound, the effective introduction of technology into the teaching and learning process must be led by the faculty themselves. Therefore we believe in an empowerment model. The Technology & Learning Program exists to serve and support the faculty in providing high-quality learning outcomes for our students.


Portrait of Claudine Franquet
Claudine Franquet
Portrait of Jim Aird
Jim Aird
Portrait of Marjorie Shepard
Marjorie Shepard
Portrait of Christine Sharrio
Christine Sharrio
Portrait of Kathy Fernandes
Kathy Fernandes
Portrait of joshuah whittinghill
joshuah whittinghill

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