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Campus Directory


The Campus Directory provides an alphabetical listing of staff and faculty contact information. It also provides and alphabetical listing of Chico State's colleges, departments and programs. APSS is responsible for the Directory Maintenance Application which is used to update individual and department information.

The Campus Directory also provides a link to the Official University Organizational Chart.

Directory Maintainers and Application

APSS provides access to the Directory Maintenance Application for each designee within a given department. That designee is then listed as the department Directory Maintainer.

The Directory Maintenance Application is the tool directory maintainers use to update either departmental or individual staff, and/or faculty information to the campus directory. Each directory maintainer must log into the Directory Maintenance Application to access it. Once logged in, maintainers only have access to the department(s) which she or he has been assigned. Department directory maintainers are responsible for making updates to the directory.

Employees seeking or selected to become the primary Department Maintainers should request access to the Directory Maintenance Application by submitting a service request ticket.


Directory Maintenance Guide

Directory Support Tickets

Employees can submit a service ticket to request these other services:

NOTE: Updates to the directory can take up to 24 hours to reflect on the Chico Web.