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Academic Publications and Scheduling Services

Academic Publications and Scheduling Services (APSS) provides department support and coordination in creating course info and class scheduling. APSS creates, organizes and maintains the content for the following online academic publications; the University Catalog, Class Schedule, and Academic Calendar. APSS is also responsible for:
  • providing access to the Directory Maintenance Application which facilitates manual updates of the Campus Directory,
  • the faculty workload report that shows all faculty assignments, all classes, and all assigned release times for the semester, and
  • providing both in-depth and quick reference guides for the completion of all of the above departmental responsibilities.

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Fall 2016 starts August 22, 2016!

Departments will want to consider the following as students arrive and classes begin:

APSS 2016-2017 Important Dates & Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines coming next month:

September 2016

FTES Trades due (Fall 2016)
09 | 23 | 2016