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Academic Calendar

The online publication the Academic Calendar is created annually and maintained by APSS. This calendar reflects CSU, Chico's academic semesters and includes the inter-session term that follows each semester (Winter Session; Summer Sessions).  Each calendar is approved by the university president annually and published with an Executive Memorandum from the Office of the President.

Below are links to the both an online-only and PDF files for the current academic calendar. The calendar library also provides access to the five (5) previous academic calendars.  

The Academic Calendar does not indicate work days. Find information regarding work days on the CSU, Chico Faculty/Staff Calendar

  • NOTE: The CSU, Chico Faculty/Staff Calendar is published independent of this Academic Calendar.  
               As such, this link must be updated as that calendar is published.

Most recently published Academic Calendar

Fall 2018  (online only)

Spring 2019 (online only)

Academic Calendar Library

Fall 2017  (online-full)

Spring 2018 (online-full)

  • Access to the PDF version is availble via a link in the online-only (full) version above.  

Note: The color-coded calendar at the bottom of older (prior to 2017) PDF pages represents the calendar months of each term. 

2016-2017 (PDF)

2015—2016 (PDF)

2014—2015 (PDF)***

***NOTE: The begin date for Winter Session 2015
was updated May 2014.

2013—2014 (PDF)**
 **NOTE: ADD/DROP period begin date changed.
    Please refer to Important Dates and Deadlines PDF