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Dear Campus and Community Members:

It is time to “turn the page” on the Book in Common.  On behalf of everyone at Chico State associated with the Book in Common, I want to thank our partners at Butte College, The City of Chico, the County of Butte and other members of the North State community for the outpouring of support for this year’s Book in Common, Just Mercy.

For those of fortunate enough to see author Bryan Stevenson at Laxson Auditorium, thank you for your presence in helping to make that public talk such a memorable event.  All of us who heard him, or read Just Mercy, will be profoundly affected by the experience for years to come.  Just Mercy epitomized a great Book in Common in starting meaningful discussions of important issues. Bryan Stevenson represents the best in American civic discourse and activism, encouraging us to re-think our assumptions and work for positive social change.  

Next year’s Book in Common is Gloria Steinem’s, My Life on the Road.  Steinem is a major historical figure in the women’s movement in the United States and globally.  She has a long trajectory of activism and remains a towering figure in the struggle for gender equity.  My Life on the Road is a fascinating account of her personal and political evolution, and the many people she worked with in the drive for gender equality.  It’s a struggle still going on today, and in which she is still an active leader.

 We invite all members of the Chico State, Butte College and broader community to read and discuss My Life on the Road. There will be a community kick-off for My Life on the Road at the Chico City Plaza on Thursday, September 22 from 5:30-7 pm.  Please join us in celebrating another intensely interesting, informative and thought-provoking Book in Common.  Check this website often as we schedule events and host discussions associated with My Life on the Road.

The Book in Common: share the experience.

Bill Loker

Dean of Undergraduate Education

California State University, Chico

My Life on the Road
, by Gloria Steinem

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