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General Education

GE at Chico State

In addition to their major, students complete their undergraduate education by taking courses from a variety of academic disciplines, known as General Education (GE). The GE program at Chico State prepares students for continual learning and application of knowledge to career as well as personal life. It provides the education necessary for success as a lifelong learner and civically engaged individual, and helps students discover the connections among various fields of knowledge and fosters an appreciation of the natural world and the many diverse expressions of human imagination and ingenuity, today and in the past.

GE Pathways

Pathways connect courses from across the University's academic disciplines in an intellectually cohesive course of study that explores an issue or area from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students take their three upper-division courses in one of 10 Pathways, and have the opportunity to earn an interdisciplinary minor with the optional completion of three additional lower-division courses in the same Pathway. Click here to see a list of the Pathways and find the contact information for the Coordinator of each Pathway.

2020-21 Book in Common

Book in Common