Learning is central to the mission of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. To this end, we are committed to promoting student, faculty and staff success by providing a rich variety of learning environments. We guide our students toward insightful and useful knowledge and skills to effectively apply that knowledge. We provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to become effective and responsible citizens and leaders in our community and the world.

As a College, we are committed to nurturing excellence in student learning, staff development, faculty achievement, and program development. We seek excellence through mutual support, mentoring, and providing opportunities for personal and professional development and collective achievement. Guided by a sense of integrity, we strive to perform at our highest level of competence in all aspects of college life.

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences seeks to uphold the principles of ethics, respect, and responsibility in teaching, scholarship and service. We value academic honesty, and recognize its importance in scholarly inquiry, classroom conduct, and professional interactions. Thus, we strive to encourage a culture of honesty and shared responsibility.

As a college of students, faculty and staff, we seek to serve communities beyond the university to improve the quality of life and enhance social justice. To accomplish this, faculty and staff enhance student learning by creating meaningful experiences in community settings.

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences recognizes the importance of collaboration in accomplishing common goals. Collaboration includes but is not limited to a commitment to building consensus, sharing resources, fostering mutual recognition, and promoting success within and among college programs, personnel, and students. Collaboration requires mutual respect and consultation with all stakeholders in the decision-making process.

We hold diversity as a fundamental value in educating our students, informing our practice, and building our learning communities both on campus and beyond. We define diversity as an abundance of differences among students, faculty and staff founded on culture, ability, ethnicity, gender, religion, socio-economic backgrounds, age, and sexual orientation. Our definition includes intellectual diversity. Richness of difference reflects all communities within which we live. We welcome diverse points of view as we discuss and debate them in our college community.

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is committed to sustainability, defined as a means of maximizing the potential of present society while conserving and nurturing the resources (human, economic, natural) needed for future generations. We value and integrate the concept and goal of sustainability in our curriculum, programs, and service learning activities.

“To this end we value and encourage creative and positive critical thinking in addressing the needs of the college.”