Graduate Program Application Process

Thank you for your interest in our program. The following information will help you organize your application materials. Your complete application is due by January 15.

(Applications can be submitted beginning October 1 of the year preceding the fall semester to which you are applying).

 Updated 11/14/2014 

Admission Requirements 

The Communication Sciences and Disorders Program admits applicants to the M.A. program only in the fall semester. Deadline for application is January 15.

Due to large undergraduate class sizes, the program is not currently accepting students through Open University.  We are not currently accepting applications from students who do not have an undergraduate degree in speech-language pathology/communication sciences and disorder; however, students who have taken the equivalent of the CSU, Chico undergraduate required courses as pre-requisites at another university may apply. See the following link: 

Program Admission Checklist – Due by January 15 

Materials for application and admission may be sent to either or both the CSU, Chico Office of Graduate Studies and the Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service (CSDCAS). 

A) Compete all the following items (electronically):

  1. Graduate Application for Admission through CSUMentor (
  2. Pay the $55 CSU application fee (payable online).
  3. Send test scores for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) to CSU, Chico.
    1. Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to the university prior to January 15. Allow at least six weeks for processing.
    2. Please use university code 4048.
    3. CSU, Chico does not currently require that GRE scores be sent to CSDCAS, however, other programs may have this requirement.
  4. Submit the required materials and pay the necessary processing fee via CSDCAS (see below). 

B) Send one official transcript from every college/university attended since high school to:

  1. The CSDCAS Transcript Processing Center;
P.O. Box 9113;
Watertown, MA 02471
    1. Follow the instructions provided by CSDCAS for transcripts sent to the processing center; use the CSDCAS Transcript Request Form whenever possible.
    2. All applicants (CSU, Chico students included) must have official transcripts sent directly to CSDCAS. CSDCAS will not accept transcripts issued to students.
    3. You can estimate the categorization of credits by class year with 25% of credits in each category: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. This does not need to be exact.
  2. Office of Graduate Studies
California State University; Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0875

    1. If you are a current CSU, Chico student, you do not need to send any transcripts.
    2. If you are a former CSU, Chico student:   If you have already graduated, you only need to send transcripts from schools you have attended since graduation.
    3. If you have not graduated from CSU, Chico nor are you a current CSU, Chico student, you must send one official transcript from every college/university attended since high school.

NOTE: For best results, please make sure that you send transcripts that have the most recently completed semester’s grades (usually Fall semester preceding the January 15 deadline). 

C) Submit the following materials via CSDCAS (

         Instructions and FAQs are available for your reference:

You can create a user account and begin creating a CSDCAS profile at anytime without cost to you (the only cost is incurred at the time of submission to a university). 

  1. Complete the Applicant Information, some Additional Information, and Academic History
    • This includes entering all your courses and grades based on your official transcripts. Start this process early.
    • Again, all applicants (CSU, Chico students included) must send official transcripts to CSDCAS (see information above)
    • Notice of change: For CSU, Chico, the sub-section Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities, Honors, and Awards can be completed in place of a resume. This section includes employment. (Notice of change: the resume is no longer required as an upload for 2015 applicants).
  2. References
    • Three online Recommendation/Ratings
    • At least 2 recommendations must be from professors/instructors who are familiar with the quality of your academic work.
    • CSU, Chico current and recent graduates will request recommendations/ ratings from faculty as instructed.
  3. Personal Essay
    • Write a brief essay expressing why you have chosen to study in this field, plans you have to use your education and training, the needs and/or challenges you perceive as important in your field of study, and any personality qualities, characteristics, and skills you believe will enable you to be successful. 

Confirmation of Essential Functions (sample .pdf)

  • Notice of change: You do not need to submit this at the time of initial application to CSUMentor or CSDCAS. Prior to acceptance you will confirm all essential functions you think you are able to perform. You will receive an email from us when needed. 

After completing your CSDCAS application and uploading necessary documents, you must “attach” the uploaded documents for each school, as needed, in the Designations section of the application.

  • In the Designations section: you will select California State University – Chico’s CMSD Program. Search or scroll to find our school listing and click on the box underneath “Apply,” then “Submit.”
  • The processing fee for CSDCAS to release information is $100 for the first program you apply to. Any additional programs you choose to apply to will cost $45 per designation, even if you submit those programs later in the application cycle. 

Prerequisites for Admission to Classified Status are: 

In addition to the conditionally classified status requirements listed below:

  • Successful completion of CMSD 488 Research Methods or equivalent, as determined by the program faculty.
  • Graduate Classified – To pursue a graduate degree, applicants are required to fulfill all of the professional, personal, scholastic, and other standards, including qualifying examinations, prescribed by the campus. 

Prerequisites for Admission to Conditionally Classified Status are: 

  • At CSU, Chico applicants to a master's degree program must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the last 30 semester (45 quarter) units attempted and at least 2.75 in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted; applicants accepted into the CMSD program have a much higher GPA on average.
  • An acceptable baccalaureate from an accredited institution, or an equivalent pre-requisite program of study approved by the CMSD Program and Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Three letters of recommendation (submitted via CSDCAS; see link above) for any applicant whose baccalaureate was not completed under the CSU, Chico Communication Sciences and Disorders program.
  • Approval by the Program and the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Completion of the Graduate Records Exam.
  • Graduate Conditionally Classified – Applicants may be admitted to a graduate degree program in this category if, in the opinion of appropriate campus authority, deficiencies may be remedied by additional preparation.
  • To be admitted as a conditionally classified master's degree student, you must meet the general requirements for admission to graduate and postbaccalaureate studies as specified in "Admission Requirements", as well as any specific requirements outlined by your major department for this category.
  • While enrolled as a conditionally classified student, you will be required to complete 12 qualifying, letter-graded units of 400/500/600-level work with at least a 3.0 GPA and satisfy any departmentally specified criteria for admission to classified standing. You must also maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in each of the following three categories: all coursework taken at any accredited institution subsequent to admission to conditionally classified status; all coursework taken at CSU, Chico subsequent to admission to conditionally classified status; and all courses applied towards the degree requirements. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the termination of your enrollment in the master's degree program.