Winter Weather and Seasonal Safety Considerations

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is pleased to provide seasonal safety tips and information to help you safely enjoy the winter months.

As we enter the winter season, we can expect rain storms, high wind events, and the potential hazards that accompany these weather conditions.  It is important to monitor local weather forecasts and to take steps in advance to prepare for storm related events such as power failures, travel restrictions and delays, and any special needs you and your family may have.

On-Campus you will see the placement of caution signs, warning of wet floors, and an increased number of walk-off-mats placed in entry ways of Campus buildings.  Please help reduce your risk of a slip and fall by being attentive while walking to and on-Campus as we have many varieties of outdoor walking surfaces which have potential to be slippery when wet or icy.  Campus buildings also have a variety of flooring surfaces, which can become very slippery when wet.  We request that you use building walk-off-mats to wipe your feet and to avoid shaking rain off of umbrellas onto indoor walking surfaces.  Please consider wearing low-heeled footwear suitable for inclement weather with non-slip soles, even if just to walk from your vehicle to the office.

We welcome back our faculty, staff, and students.  Have an enjoyable, productive, and safe semester.

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Defensive Driver Training

To Look Up a Defensive Driver Status

Defensive Driver Training Schedule

To register for Defensive Driver Training, please e-mail at the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

Due to the implementation of the new Training Management System (TMS), the EHS Learning Management System (LMS) and TMS will be off-line between December 5, 2014 and February 2015.

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