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Extension cords are only to be used on a temporary basis.  Recent events have prompted the EHS Director to remind the Campus Community about proper use of extension cords (see memo at link below.)   Both the Fire Code and the Electrial Code allow for extension cords in specific circumstances.  Any extension cord showing any damage or wear should be removed/replaced immediately.  To learn more about extension cord hazards, what actions you can take when you find these hazards, and to help you understand the limitations of extension cords, please contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at 898-5126.

Extension Cords are a Serious Fire Safety Issue

Selection and Appropriate Use of Power Strips

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Holiday Decorating on Campus - Be Fire Safe

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety would like to remind the Campus community of the importance of fire prevention, especially during the Holidays. While holiday decorating creates a festive atmoshphere, new hazards are often inadvertently introduced into the workplace.


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