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Geography invites critical and creative thinking about our impact on the Earth, the equal distribution of resources, and sustainable living across the globe. Our programs cover social, cultural, economic, and natural science topics including landscape analysis, water resources, fire management, landscape ecology and biogeography, ecological restoration, climatology, and climate change.

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APCG 2017 in Chico!

Sustainable Communities

The Geography & Planning Department will be hosting the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers' Annual Meeting in the fall of 2017. More...


Planner Trainee Position

Stanislaus County Planning and Community Development is recruiting for a planner trainee position. This position is for recent graduates or for students graduating within a year. Click here for more information.

Where exactly is Northern California?

Two Geography and Planning instructors, Dr. Dean Fairbanks and Ryan Miller, spoke on North State Public Radio on where people see the boundary for Northern California. A clip and article on the topic can be found at this link: http://mynspr.org/post/where-exactly-northern-california#stream/0

Timeline of Oroville Dam Spillway

Chico ER has released a 100-day timeline of the Oroville Dam spillway. Find the article here!