Degree Progress Report

The Degree Progress Report provides access to current student academic record information, including completion of major and university graduation requirements.  Students and faculty can view the student's progress toward degree through the Portal.  The Degree Progress Report will be utilized as the official major clearance form and basis for final graduation evaluation for graduating students.


Your Degree Progress Report (DPR) is accessible in your Student Center via the Portal. Be a DPR expert in less than two minutes here.

Some important things to review when you run your DPR:

  • Check your Major (including Option & Pattern) and/or Minor. Your degree objective is displayed in the “Current Academic Objective” box in your DPR.
  • Check your progress toward graduation. Review “Satisfied, In Progress and Not Satisfied” graduation requirements in your DPR.
  • Degree Progress-What If? If you are considering changing your Major (including Option & Pattern) and/or Minor you can generate scenarios based on different degree objectives in the DPR-What If?


Have questions? Review the website. Still have questions? Contact Degree Audit Programming.