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Liberal Studies

Prospective Students

We are pleased that you are interested in liberal studies as your major. In the Liberal Studies Program, you will receive a well rounded education, preparing you for careers in various fields – education, business, government, social work, and more.

As a future teacher, you will engage in coursework that provides you with:

  • A solid foundation for all the content areas you will be expected to teach.
  • Hands-on experience working with K – 8 pupils.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable faculty in their discipline who are eager to support you through your journey to become a caring, well educated, dynamic teacher.
  • Opportunities for depth of study in any of the disciplines, as well as in bilingual education, child development, or special education.
  • The ability to complete your degree online.
  • The option of completing your degree and credential coursework within four years.

If you are interested in a career outside of education, you can choose the Liberal Arts Option. Many employers are interested in graduates with a broad-based education. The Liberal Arts Option will:

  • Allow you to take courses in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and sciences.
  • Enable you to select a minor of your choice to complete major requirements.
  • Connect you with friendly and knowledgeable faculty who are eager to support you through your journey to realize professional goals.
  • Provide you with opportunities for community involvement and study abroad experiences.
  • Permit you to complete your degree online.

Come, explore our major! Our experienced, friendly advisors are waiting to meet you.

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