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Graduation Sash

Students who studied abroad through Chico State for at least the summer or longer may purchase a special SASH for graduation.

The sash will display the colors of the flag of the country where you studied.

If you studied abroad in more than one country, you can get a sash that is half one country and half another, which includes an ADDITIONAL charge for each extra country (up to 4 countries total). Make sure you specify all countries that you want for your sash on the order form provided!

The deadline to apply for the sash is April 15th at 5:00 p.m. (AT THE ABSOLUTE LATEST!!!)

Please note: we only order the graduation sashes for spring semester graduates. 

To order a sash, you will need to pay FIRST to Student Financial Services (SSC 230) for the total amount of your sash order with cash, check or money order along with this deposit form

THEN, bring your receipt of payment along with your Chico State Study Abroad Graduation Sash Order Form to the Office of International Education in the STUDENT SERVICES CENTER, Room 440. 

Study Abroad will order the sashes in bulk. They will be available for pick up during finals week. 

Be sure to remind your Chico State friends who studied abroad to order one as well.  

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Study Abroad at 530.898.5415 or