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International Training Programs

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International Training Programs, a department of the Office of International Education at California State University, Chico (CSU, Chico), provides professional training in a range of fields related to global issues, including education systems management, student-centered teaching methodology, and civic/community engagement. International teachers in front of CSU Chico sign at Kendall HallWhile academic seminars are taught mainly by CSU, Chico faculty, there is also a focus on the “real life” aspect of each issue through community site/school visits and speakers from other relevant professions. In addition, all of the programs combine academics and community briefings with a cultural component that allows participants to better understand the diversity of populations and lifestyles in the United States.

Desirable Location

Two SUSI student leaders eating watermelon with Chico host momOur university is located in the city of Chico, a mid-sized community in beautiful northern California. Chico offers program participants a safe and comfortable place to study, a warm and welcoming local population, the natural beauty of the California central valley and nearby mountains, and access to the urban destinations of Sacramento and San Francisco. Beautiful city parks, farmers' markets, community concerts, and frequent cultural events all help to make Chico an appealing destination.

We partner with experts across California and the United States to provide relevant practical experience through site visits and participatory workshops. Past programs within California have included the capitol city of Sacramento for topics on government and education, Okinawa high school students at snowy lake in Mount Lassen National ParkMount Lassen Volcanic National Park and Muir Woods National Monument for conservation and history, and many local schools, and businesses for insight into practices on the community level. Many programs include a study tour component, which takes participants to other areas of the country to experience different regions and lifestyles. We have partnerships in Chicago, Illinois, Kansas City, Missouri, and Washington, DC, just to name a few.

Experienced Staff

Global Experience

susi at sac highInternational Training Programs management staff have personal experience across the globe, including countries from every region of the world except Antarctica. Their experience with international cultures and communication styles allow program staff to anticipate participants' needs and to communicate and act in ways that minimize cultural barriers and misunderstandings. The result is a focus on respectful, honest communication, programs that respond to trainees’ real needs, and a commitment to developing long-term professional relationships that extend well beyond the program’s end.

Program History

ITP has a long history of successful training programs beginning in 1992. Since then, we have completed over 80 programs with both federal and private funders, and participants from countries spanning the globe.  Information is available on this website for current International Programs and also on past international training programs. Please contact us for specific details about past programs.

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