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The Google calendars for DL students have Sococo and face-to-face meeting times that can be synced to your mobile devices and be set up to send you alerts and reminders.


The Sococo calendar is a PDF listing both Sococo and face-to-face meeting times.

Spring 2018

Sococo is a web-based application designed to deliver course content, provide advising students, and work collaboratively on projects/assignments from a distance. Sococo is a vital component of the Distributed Learning Program which provides virtual classroom space for faculty and staff to connect with their students for pre-determined meeting times. Students also use this space to meet their peers to work on assignments and other projects.

How to Get Access

In order to receive full access to the Sococo web application, please email Seema Sehrawat ( and request an invitation link. From there, you will be emailed an account creation link; once you create your account, you will be able to log in and use the account from any computer that has Google Chrome installed.

Future Face-to-Face Dates

Summer 2018June 23-24
July 21-22
Fall 2018September 8-9
November 3-4
Spring 2019February 9-10
April 13-14
Summer 2019June 22-23
July 20-21
Fall 2019September 7-8
November 2-3
Spring 2020February 8-9
April 19-20
Summer 2020June 27-28
July 25-26
Fall 2020September 12-13
October 10-11
November 7-8
Spring 2021February 6-7
March 6-7
April 17-18


Contact the DL Program

Seema Sehrawat
DL Coordinator     

Melissa Cheatham
DL Administrative Support Assistant