School of Social Work

About the MSW Program

Welcome to the MSW Program and to the School of Social Work at California State University, Chico!

The faculty and staff of the School of Social Work have prepared the Student Handbook for the MSW Program to inform you about the School’s policies, procedures, and information regarding the program. It is important that you become familiar with the contents of your Handbook, as it will give you an overview of what to expect throughout your time in the program. It may save you considerable time and difficulty if you know this information from the beginning.

You should also obtain a copy of the university’s graduate studies guide: A Guide to Graduate Studies: Policies, Procedures and Format, which can be located at the Office of Graduate Studies.

The School of Social Work is housed within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and is also under the auspices of the Graduate School. Therefore, the MSW Program is subject to the policies and procedures of those bodies as well as the university. To make yourself aware of those requirements, please become familiar with the most current version of the University Catalog.

As the policies and procedures of the School of Social Work are constantly under review and revision, please stay in close communication with the MSW Program personnel. The School of Social Work website is updated regularly and will give you the most current version of policies and procedures, as well as other valuable information. Your faculty adviser is also an important source of information.

Please review and refer to information contained in the current Student Handbook for MSW Program.