Chico Affordable Learning Solutions (CAL$)

Bookstore Partnership

Chico Affordable Learning Solutions and the Wildcat Bookstore have a strong partnership and commitment to providing quality materials and saving students money. Both groups report cost savings each year to the Chancellor’s Office.

It is important for faculty to communicate with the bookstore each term, before registration, about the following:

  • Any course materials that students will be required to purchase (if they are not materials sold through the bookstore, please provide an approximate cost),
  • Intention to use a course packet (the bookstore can help with seeking appropriate copyright and printing these materials),
  • Any Open Educational Resources, or other free resources, that are to be used in the course, and/or
  • If the class qualifies as Zero Cost Course Materials (ZCCM).

It is important to meet the bookstore course materials deadlines whenever possible as this provides the bookstore the time needed to:

  • Report ZCCM courses to the registrar before students register for classes as required by California’s Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA, 2008),
  • Obtain used copies of the texts at low prices (including buying back texts from current Chico State students), and
  • Negotiate fair prices with publishers.

Consult with faculty to identify the best option(s) for each course. 

The textbook team prioritizes finding cost-effective resources for students, and can provide individualized information to faculty, including textbooks used for that course in the past (or elsewhere), sample textbook copies, student purchase patterns of past semesters, how to add books to the rental program, and more. Please contact a member of the textbook team by e-mailing, calling 530-898-6844, or visiting the bookstore in person.