Chico Affordable Learning Solutions (CAL$)

Library Options

Both Open Educational Resources (OER) and readily available library materials make excellent options for zero cost course materials (ZCCM). 

Library ZCCM include:

  • eBooks with enough digital copies for the class (including those with permanent access),
  • Articles from eJournals (including both copyrighted and Open Access journals), 
  • Books placed on course reserve(opens in new window) with enough copies for the class to use (in either 2 hour or 24 hour checkout), and
  • Technology equipment(opens in new window) available for borrowing from the Innovation Lab located on the 2nd floor of the Meriam Library.

Make an appointment with your subject area librarian(opens in new window) who can help you find course resources or check on their availability. Librarians may also provide best practices for sharing resources with students (e.g. using permanent links to the library page) or mixing and matching these resources with OER.