Chico Affordable Learning Solutions (CAL$)

Chico Affordable Learning Solutions (CAL$)

Chico Affordable Learning Solutions (CAL$) assists faculty in providing students with quality educational materials at zero or low cost. We are a member of the California State University (CSU) Affordable Learning Solutions (ALS) program.

AL$ goals are to enable:

  • Faculty to provide more affordable, quality educational content
  • Equitable access to course materials, supporting successful learning and course completion.

At Chico State, our goals are to support successful learning and course completion by offering faculty mentoring, workshops, and resources that help them find, adapt, use, and explore ways to provide students equitable access to course materials. To accomplish these goals we provide faculty mentoring, workshops, and resources for faculty to:

  • Find zero-cost course materials (ZCCM), including Open Educational Resources (OER) and Library resources.
  • Adapt or create OER.
  • Use Open licenses and understand copyright restrictions.
  • Explore low-cost options in conjunction with the Wildcat Store and publishers.
  • Provide students equitable access to course materials.

Spring 2024

Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on 1/30.

We will be offering an asynchronous Canvas training designed to help faculty identify and evaluate Open Educational Resources (OER) and other free or affordable course materials for your courses.

Read the full call for applications (Google Doc).