Chico Affordable Learning Solutions (CAL$)

TAP 2 - 2014/2015


Nancy B. Anderson, NFSC 310 Ecology of Human Nutrition

Keiko Goto, NFSC 310 Ecology of Human Nutrition

Rebekah Damazo, NURS 311 Nursing Informatics

S. Patrick Doyle, ANSC 340 Livestock Reproduction

Shelley R. Hart, CHLD 440

Julie Holland, NFSC 468 Child Nutrition

Karin Lightfoot, NURS 312 Nursing Research

Celina Phillips, ANSC 230 Animal Science: Feeds and Nutrition

Phyllis Salopek, NURS 255 Evidence Based Practice

Valerie Singleton, CHLD 492 Children and Families

Steve Stewart, SOSC 300 Great Books and Ideas in Social Science

David Winzenz, PSYC 364 Statistical Methods in Psychology

Hossein Zakeri, PSSC 101 Introduction to Plant Science