Chico Affordable Learning Solutions

TAP 2 - 2014/2015

Chico's Affordable Learning Solutions Program's TAP 2 projects have been completed

On April 1, 2014, the CSU’s Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) program awarded CSU, Chico’s local Affordable Learning program (CALS) a grant for $19,750 to expand and further develop the current CALS/TAP program. The projects funded by this second round of grant have been completed.

The Textbook Alternatives Project 2 (TAP2) at CSU, Chico included three colleges:  Agriculture (AGRI), Behavior and Social Sciences (BSS), and College of Natural Sciences (CNS). The departments represented include:  Animal Science, Plant and Soil Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, Child Development, School of Nursing, Nutrition and Food Science.


Nancy B. Anderson1: NFSC 310; Ecology of Human Nutrition; 135/section of 2-3. Est savings: $130/student.

Rebekah Damazo:  NURS 311; Nursing Informatics; 80 students/year. Est savings: $100/student.

S. Patrick Doyle:  ANSC 340: Livestock Reproduction; 80 students/year. Est savings: $180/student.

Keiko Goto2:  NFSC 310; Ecology of Human Nutrition; 135/section of 2-3. Est savings: $130/student.

Shelley R. Hart:  CHLD 440; Issues in Assessment for Children & Families; 80/year. Est savings: $76/student.

Julie Holland:  NFSC 468; Child Nutrition; 35/section. Est savings: $120/student. She proposes to write a book to replace the text (Essentials of Pediatric Nutrition) and other resources.

Karin Lightfoot:  NURS 312; Nursing Research; 80/year. Est savings: $105/student.

Celina Phillips:  ANSC 230; Animal Science: Feeds and Nutrition; 90 x5 sections. Est savings: $130/student.

Phyllis Salopek:  NURS 255; Evidence Based Practice; 80/year. Est savings: $105/student.

Valerie Singleton:  CHLD 492; Children and Families; 72 students/year. Est savings $57.26/student.

Steve Stewart: SOSC 300; Great Books and Ideas in Social Science; 100/year. Est savings $100/student.

David Winzenz: PSYC 364; Statistical Methods in Psychology; 50/semester. Est savings $91/student.

Hossein Zakeri: PSSC 101; Introduction to Plant Science; 300/semester; Est. savings: $130/student.