Chico Affordable Learning Solutions

TAP 3 - 2015/2016


Owen Bettis, Geography(GEOG) 102, Human Geography, 125 students/year

Patricia E. Black, French (FREN) 101, First Semester French, 150 students/year

Kristina Carter, Health and Community Service (HCSV) 211, Foundations of Health Education, 100 students/year

Shelley Hart, Child Development (CHLD) 440, Assessment Issues for Children and Families, 90 students/year

Anna Moore, English (ENGL) 130, Academic Writing, 200 students/year

Edward A. Roualdes, Math (MATH) 315, Statistical Methods I, 105 students/year

Beth Shook, Anthropology (ANTH) 116, Power and Scarcity, 40 students/year

Steve Stewart, Geography (GEOG) 352, The United States, 170 students/year 

Rachel Teasdale, Geosciences (GEOS) 306, Mineralogy and Lithology, 25 students/year