Chico Student Success Center

Chico Student Success Center

By accessing our lobby or signing up for an in-person advising session, you acknowledge that you are in compliance with the CSU Policy regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and access of campus facilities.


In the Chico Student Success Center (CSSC) we seek to serve and support first generation, low income or historically excluded students, from outreach to graduation, with personalized attention to their academic goals and individual journey.


The CSSC has educational partnerships with high schools and after-school programs throughout California. For the fall 2016-17 academic year, Chico State has received nearly 2,000 admission applications from students enrolled in CSSC partnership schools and programs.

By providing of a safe learning community, the CSSC staff help support students so that they can thrive.


The CSSC is located in the Student Services Center building, room #370.  The CSSC has computers, overhead projectors, projection screens and monitors. CSSC students use the facilities for individual and group projects, an opportunity to be around mentors and academic support, and sometimes simply to be in a caring environment that is focused on student achievement.


The CSSC requires all CSSC students to make a commitment to their academic goals, career integration needs, and to community service.

  1. Academic Progress Report requests are sent out every mid-semester for CSSC students. They are carefully reviewed and, if necessary, discussed with the student.
  2. Students are provided the opportunity to participate in mock interviews with corporate and government partners, attend etiquette dinners and professional networking workshops.  They also provide support for career fair activities.  All these are coordinated by the Career Center at CSU, Chico.
  3. Every semester the CSSC students are offered the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities for local, regional and national charities. Through the years, the CSSC students have raised nearly $85,000 for the Make-A-Wish organization.
  4. First time freshmen are carefully monitored in 3 main areas: Financial Aid, Housing, and Class Scheduling.
  5. CSSC students can take the Integrative Academic Leadership course for 3 semester units.  The course supports the students’ self-discovery of the purpose of higher education.

The CSSC would like to thank its sponsors:

  • Chevron
  • R.C. Consulting Inc.

REACH(opens in new window) (Raising Educational Achievement in Collaborative Hubs) is a first-year peer mentoring program that is part of the CSSC, and aims to increase academic achievement amongst first-year students. 

With the support of peer mentors, staff, and faculty, CSSC REACH participants develop a sense of belonging and self-confidence, learn about campus policies and resources, and begin to build their network of campus allies as a foundation for continued success.