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Geological and Environmental Sciences

Graduate Students

List of Current GEOS Graduate Students

NameAdvisorThesis Working Title or Subject
Harpreet BattherShapiro
Amanda BeamGreene
April BischelBykerk-Kauffman
Ian BrinkmannEdwardsNoxious Weed, Dittrichia graveolens (Stinkwort) reduces species richness of other plants; but Salvia spp. may provide a mechanism for suppression
Sommer CasadyAirdExploration of a High-Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit within the Antelope Valley Volcanic Center, Sierra County California
Robert CayabanBykerk-Kauffman
Amanda ErlingGreene
Brandon Ertis
Glenn HoffmannGreene
Claire-Marie KooiMonohan
Alexis LopezAird
Erica Loza
Sean LucasBykerk-Kauffman
Ira Salamon
Stephan VaudiauBykerk-Kauffman
Alfred (John) WardMonohan