Study Abroad

Did you know? While studying abroad in Germany, you can:

  • earn units toward a major or a minor in German,
  • earn units toward a minor in European Studies,
  • earn units toward another declared major or minor,
  • fulfill multiple General Education requirements,
  • complete the Global Cultures (GC) requirement,
  • receive credit for one Writing (W) course.

Student in HeidelbergCSU, Chico Study Abroad offers students interested in German and dozens of other fields of study the opportunity to pursue their interests in a German-speaking context. Estimated expenses for the CSU International Programs (IP) and direct exchange study abroad options in Germany are the same or even less than the cost of staying in Chico.

The following programs have significant course offerings in German that can apply toward the major or minor in German. Many programs offer courses in other disciplines so that students can pursue multiple academic goals concurrently. 

*Recommended for German majors and minors 

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