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Events for 2021-2022


Beverly McGuire, Digital Humanities Lecture Series "More than Mindfulness: Buddhist-Inspired Apps with Ethical Aims" 

Wednesday, April 13, 5:00 PM: Zoom Link Here(opens in new window)

 beverly msguire

Although most Buddhist-inspired apps pertain to mindfulness and meditation, others seek to cultivate ethical awareness. They focus on honing moral attention, which Shannon Vallor (2016) identifies as integral to moral self-cultivation in our techno-social world. This presentation analyzes the way such apps direct their user's attention toward other people and their own ethical values. It also discusses the ways their designers mitigate against users becoming "hooked" on their apps, unlike others who use a cycle of external and internal triggers to form habits tied to their apps.

Beverly McGuire is Professor of East Asian Religions at University of North Carolina, Wilmington. 


Check Back Next Year When Our Theme Will Be:  "Soundscapes"

Art and Social Change

With the 2020-22 theme, Art and Social Change, the Humanities Center seeks to inspire discussion about the ways that art can help us understand the past, engage with current social concerns, and envision the future. Events will highlight interdisciplinary humanities research and creative activity on the impact of the arts on society, locally and internationally. Focusing on intersectional issues of social justice, including systemic racism, sexism, and economic disparity, we will engage scholars, students, and the community in conversation on how art reflects and provokes social change.

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