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Events for 2021-2022


Alisa Wade - History Department

"Wives, Widows, Executrixes: The Familial Politics of Elite Women's Inheritance in Early National New York City"

Friday December 3, NOON ( Click for ZOOM ) 

This project studies a series of familial inheritance disputes in post-Revolutionary New York City, revealing the ways that cultural practices of inheritance among the city’s elites impacted women’s ability to protect their financial standing. Widows frequently found themselves in precarious positions, dependent upon the goodwill of male relatives, the estate’s executors, or social or familial networks to ensure economic security. Yet, as this project argues, while these women rarely insisted on individual protections and instead depended on social networks for material stability, they did so within the confines of what it calls “the business of family”: ultimately absorbing personal risk in order to ensure the success of the next generation.



Mimi Onuoha, Multi-media artist whose work deals with power dynamics in data collection, Thursday, March 3, 2022, 5:30


Usha Iyer, Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies, Department of Art and Art History, Stanford, Thursday, April 7, 2022, 5:30 PM

Dr. Iyer is author of Dancing Women: Choreographing Corporeal Histories of Hindi Cinema (Oxford)

Art and Social Change

With the 2020-22 theme, Art and Social Change, the Humanities Center seeks to inspire discussion about the ways that art can help us understand the past, engage with current social concerns, and envision the future. Events will highlight interdisciplinary humanities research and creative activity on the impact of the arts on society, locally and internationally. Focusing on intersectional issues of social justice, including systemic racism, sexism, and economic disparity, we will engage scholars, students, and the community in conversation on how art reflects and provokes social change.

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