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Humanities Center 2019-20: The Environmental Humanities

The Environmental Humanities focuses on interdisciplinary research and creative activity pertaining to the environment, encompassing history, philosophy, ecocriticism, cultural geography and anthropology, as well as literature and the arts. Centering on the issues of rapid environmental and social change, we seek to draw a range of humanities disciplines into conversation with each other on this topic, as well as with the natural and social sciences.  The Humanities Center is this year celebrating 20 years of creating and nurturing an interdisciplinary culture of arts and ideas.

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Humanities Center California State University Chico

The Humanities Center

Founded in 1999, The Humanities Center in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts creates and nurtures an interdisciplinary culture of ideas. Since its creation, the Humanities Center, unique in the CSU system, has become an important and indispensable part of the intellectual life of CSU, Chico.