Humanities Center

Works-In-Progress Series

Hannah Burdette: "An Index of Possible Worlds: Towards a Theory of Indigenista Speculative Fiction"

Associate Professor Hannah Burdette

Friday, October 7th

12:00 PM, Humanities Center, PAC 113

Hannah Burdette is Associate Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies.

Since the 1990s, several non-Indigenous authors of varying backgrounds and nationalities have turned to speculative fiction to reflect on the relationship between capitalist development and Indigenous thought. This presentation will explore what it means to use Indigenous worldviews as a framework for envisioning alternatives to modernity/coloniality. To what extent does a writer’s ethnic identity and cultural background define and/or limit the text’s decolonial possibilities? Why do Indigenous political philosophies provide such a compelling framework for questioning the progression of capitalist exploitation into the future?

Sangmin Lee

Assistant Professor Sangmin Lee.

Friday, November 4th

12:00 PM, Humanities Center, PAC 113

Sangmin Lee is Assistant Professor of Art Education.


The 2022-2023 Humanities Center theme, Soundscapes, explores perceptions and interpretations of acoustic environments in their respective cultural, political, and spatial contexts.  Ranging from the sounds of nature to a multitude of expressive forms such as music, poetry, dance, and storytelling, every culture has created distinctive soundscapes that shape our daily experiences and mediate our relationships to the world.  Events will highlight interdisciplinary humanities research and creative activity on this year’s theme. 

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