Liberal Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Liberal Studies?
A: Liberal studies is an interdisciplinary major for students who want to teach elementary school or want a broad education across a variety of disciplines.

Q: Is CSU, Chico an accredited institution?
A: The regional accounting body Western Association of Schools and Colleges(opens in new window) (WASC) accredits California State University, Chico.

Q: How do I make a Liberal Studies advising appointment?
A: Call 530-898-5802 or stop-by during the posted drop-in hours.

Q: How often should I see an advisor?
A: You should see an advisor once a semester or more often when you have questions. Juniors and Seniors have mandatory advising to ensure that you are on track to graduation.

Q: How do I know who my advisor is?
A: If you are an on-campus student you may see any available advisor or the advisor of your choice. If you are an online student you have an assigned advisor, Rena Marino.

Q: Is your online program entirely online?
A: No, it’s a degree completion program. All of the lower division classes and a few upper division classes must be done at other institutions.

Q: How much does the online program cost?
A: The fees are the same for online or on-campus students. View Chico State registration fees.

Q: How can I get technical support?
A: Visit IT Support Services(opens in new window).

Q: I live out of town. Do I have to come in to see an advisor?
A: No. You can make a telephone appointment for advising.

Q: I sent an e-mail to my liberal studies advisor, how long will it take for a response?
A: Average response time is two business days but can be longer during peak advising times. Our two advisors take care of both online and on-campus students and make every effort to respond promptly. Keep in mind there are almost 1,000 of you.

Q: I have an AA degree from a community college. Will that count for my lower division GE requirements for Liberal Studies?
A: Since liberal studies is unique and has its own GE built into the major, you should contact an advisor to determine what coursework you have taken that will count towards the major.

Q: Why does Liberal Studies not follow the same general education requirements that other majors do?
A: Our GE classes are built into our program to meet the California K – 8 content standards. These standards are also tested on the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET), a required exam prior to entry into a multiple subject credential program.

Q: If I took regular general education classes at another college, does that mean my classes do not count?
A: Courses from other colleges that have been previously articulated will count. Additional courses transferred from other accredited institutions can count as units towards graduation but may not satisfy major requirements. You will need a minimum of 120 units to receive your degree.

Q: What is the residency requirement?
A: You are required to take at least 30 units from CSU, Chico to meet the residency requirement for graduation. If you are a transfer student you must have 50 units from a four-year institution, 40 units must be upper division, and 30 must be taken at CSU, Chico.