Liberal Studies


Elementary Subject Matter (ESM) Multiple Subjects CSET Waiver

Credential programs in California require proof of subject matter competence. This competence is demonstrated by receiving a degree in Liberal Studies at Chico State (an approved waiver program). See CTC approval here(opens in new window)

The AB 130 legislation states subject matter proficiency may be demonstrated by successful completion of a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with the following, as applicable: For multiple subject credentials, a liberal studies major or other degree that includes coursework in the content areas pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 44282.  

By completing the approved Liberal Studies major courses and BA degree in Liberal Studies at Chico State, students are deemed subject matter competent in Elementary Subject Matter.  

For any further questions, or if your program requires a waiver letter, please call 530-898-5802 or email