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The MA in Language Teaching (formerly the MA in Teaching International Languages) is a 36-unit interdisciplinary program that prepares students for diverse careers in second and foreign language teaching, including teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

Chico State's unique program emphasizes meaning-oriented language instruction – such as communicative, task-based, content-based and process-oriented approaches – with a focus on intercultural communicative competence, technology in language learning, teaching second language writing, and teaching heritage language learners. Students in the program gain a broad and multifaceted understanding of second language learning processes and the cognitive and social contexts in which they play out and learn how theories and research in second language acquisition (SLA) inform current approaches to language teaching and the design of pedagogical materials and innovative curricula.

The MA in Language Teaching prepares future and current language teachers for a broad spectrum of instructional settings and cultural contexts in the United States and abroad. The program also helps prepare educators interested in National Board Certification in World Languages or ESL.

If you are interested in learning more about the  program, please contact the program director:

Dr. Friederike Fichtner
Assistant Professor of German & Second Language Acquisition
ARTS 332

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