Department of Music and Theatre

Ensemble & Studio Instruction Auditions

Welcome to California State University, Chico!

We are very excited to have you become part of our dynamic Department of Music and Theatre and wish you great success. 

The office is available by email. All information will be provided through email. Monitor your Wildcat email regularly and the Forms & Resources page

  • Choral Auditions

    Acappella Choir 
    Students should attend the first meeting of Acappella Choir (MUSC 411A) at 1:00pm on Monday, January 24th. The syllabus and schedule will be reviewed and you will be able to schedule an audition time to take place during the first week of classes. Contact Dr. David Scholz if you have any questions.

    Chamber Singers
    All members of Chamber Singers must also be enrolled in Acappella Choir. Your audition for Acappella Choir will also serve as audition for Chamber Singers. Contact Dr. David Scholz if you have any questions.

  • Band Auditions

    Concert Band
    There is no audition required for Concert Band. Meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm - 1:45pm with Chris Navarette.

    Wind Ensemble

    Spring 2022 auditions will include three parts: 
    1. Scales
    2. Sight Reading
    3. Etude/Solo

    Prepare the following scales. Must be played in two octaves: 
    • Concert F Major 
    • Concert C Minor  
    • Concert Bb Chromatic 
    *Student may use any tempo, rhythm, and articulation they choose. If unable to play scale(s) in two octaves, student may play the scale in one octave. 
    *Percussion: access "Percussion Scales" under suggestions for audition pieces for this part. 
    Sight Reading
    • Sight reading music will be given during the audition.
    • The sight-reading level will not exceed a grade level of 3.   

    Must prepare 3-5 mins of an etude or solo
    • Select a piece that showcases your sound, technique, and musicality.   
    • Student may choose a selection provided below (perform within the brackets notated)
    • or prepare a piece of their own choosing
    *Tempo(s) for the piece provided should be studied by the student. Some flexibility with the tempo(s) will be allowed.  
  • Jazz Auditions

    Jazz XPress

    Students who are auditioning for both Jazz Xpress and Wind Ensemble may perform one audition for both classes (instead of two auditions) during the first week at either the wind ensemble time M/W 3-4:50pm (Wind Ensemble audition sign up) or Jazz Ensemble T/TH 3:30-4:45pm (Jazz audition sign up).

    Contact Rocky Winslow with any questions. 

    Jazz Two
    There is no audition required for Jazz Two, which meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm with Rocky Winslow.

  • Vocal Studio Instruction Auditions

    Vocal instruction is only available to music majors (by audition) and musical theatre majors. Students (regardless of major) participating in an ensemble may be allowed to take studio instruction on a limited basis and only with an audition and permission from the dpeartment chair.

    Contact Dara Scholz to arrange an audition time and for specific information regarding studio voice audition requirements.

  • Instrumental Studio Instruction Auditions

    Any student wishing to take studio instruction must be participating in either wind ensemble or a jazz ensemble (or both).

    Your ensemble audition will serve as your audition for studio instruction. 

woman holding a saxophone near her face
Academic Advising

Advising is critically important to your college career.  Our department has mandatory advising for all music majors. Mandatory advising helps us make your academic career a successful one by guiding you through your Major Plan each semester.

Here’s how it works: each semester we do group advising, by your Option. This advising session takes place three weeks prior to the opening of the next semester’s registration. Any student that doesn’t receive advising will have a hold placed on their record and you will not be able to register for classes. To lift the hold you will need to meet with your advisor.