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Puffs tells the story of a 90s improvisation troupe performing a parody of Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic. The play is a celebration of those who society views as “weak” or “misfits”. In his opening dedication, playwright Matt Cox, writes that this is a play “for everyone never destined to save the world”. It also celebrates the power of friendship and love. I highly recommend reading or watching the play before auditioning so you can better understand the tone and content of the play, however, please note that I don’t plan on replicating the original production.


The play includes:

·Strong, adult language.

·Characters and stories from a Certain School of Magic and Magic.

·While no intimacy, physical touch, or combat is anticipated, should the ensemble or director decide to add any, those moments will be tailored to the boundaries of the actor and will be rehearsed with the actors and the director, employing best practices.

·Jokes about death and violence. All jokes are meant to be delivered in a satirical way.

·While we’re talking jokes, the jokes in Puffs push the limit because it is satire and parody. The purpose of the jokes is to draw attention to and criticize a Certain School of Magic and Magic and its writer, She Who Must Not Be Named. But they are sometimes tough jokes! We’ll work together to make it clear that they’re satirical.




All gender identities will be considered for each character.

·         Wayne Hopkins

·         Oliver Rivers 

·         Megan Jones

·         Narrator

·         Ensemble Player #1: Ernie Mac and A Very Tall Man/Seamus/A Certain Potions Teacher/Professor Turban/Ghost History Teacher/Professor Locky/Mr. Nick/Sal/Second Headmaster/Real Mr. Moody 

·         Ensemble Player #2: Hannah and First Headmaster/Professor McG/Professor Sproutty/Xavia Jones/Professor Lanny/Runes Teach/Ms. Babble

·         Ensemble Player #3: J. Finch Fletchley and Uncle Dave/Goyle/A Fat Friar/Clumsy Longbottom/Hermeoone #3/Viktor/Mr. Bagman/Zach Smith

·         Ensemble Player #4: Leanne and Ginny/Helga/Frenchy

·         Ensemble Player #5: Sally Perks and Hermeoone/Blondo Malfoy/Rowena/Rita Scooter/Bippy

·         Ensemble Player #6: Susie Bones and Harry/Colin/Hermeoone #2/Ric Gryff/Myrtle

·         Ensemble Player #7: Cedric and Mr. Voldy

·         Death Buddies to be played by all

Puffs Rehearsals

Rehearsals will include:

·Discussion about a Certain School of Magic and Magic. This play IS a celebration of those who society views as “weak” or “misfits”. This play is NOT a celebration of a Certain School of Magic and Magic and that writer, She Who Must Not Be Named. We will be merciless in our parody and satire of this Certain School of Magic and Magic. 

·Improvisation exercises that could result in unpredictable subject matter or language. Students will be taught best practices for boundaries so that they can self-advocate during the rehearsal process. Students must be comfortable with and/or willing to engage in improvisation exercises and take ownership of their boundaries.

The Wizard of Oz
There are no audition disclosures for The Wizard of Oz.  For more information about the version of the production that Chico State Theatre is producing, click here(opens in new window)


male and female dressed in Roman period attire

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Equity & Inclusion

Chico State Theatre is committed to diversity, inclusivity, and anti-racism.  As such, we pledge to continue to reimagine new approaches to both contemporary and classical works, as well as increase the representation of BIPOC, LGBTQ, and women theatre practitioners, along with members of other marginalized and/or minoritized groups in our main stage season.  No less than 50% of our season will have relevant themes and/or creators from these communities.