Student Financial Services

Deferred Tuition Payment Plan

The tuition fee installment contract is intended to assist non-financial aid students and defers the Tuition Fee for all eligible students who apply. There is a $33 non-refundable installment contract fee per semester and a new contract must be completed each semester. The campus fees are due by the fee payment deadline and the tuition is split into three (3) payments with the service fee applied to the first payment.  Payment of the campus fees made after the fee payment deadline will be assessed a $25 late registration fee and late installment payments will be assessed a $20 past due fee for each late installment.

Tuition Installment Plan Payment Schedule
Due DateAmount Due
Fee Payment DeadlineCampus Fees
1st Installment (September for Fall / February for Spring)1/3 Tuition* + Contract Fee
2nd Installment (October for Fall / March for Spring)1/3 Tuition*
3rd Installment (November for Fall / April for Spring)1/3 Tuition*
*Based upon whether part or full-time and undergraduate, credential, or graduate

Payments are due at the beginning of each month (September, October, and November for the fall semester and February, March, and April for the spring semester).  Once you enroll in the payment plan, you can view the exact due dates and amounts in your student center.   For a complete breakdown of campus fees and tuition, please refer to the University Budget website.

Contracts are completed online through the Student Center on the portal. You must be enrolled in class(es) before you are able to sign up on the deferred payment plan. For information on how to sign up, see our Online Tuition Installment Payment Plan help guide.