Student Financial Services

Financial Credit and Refund Schedule

Financial Credit Policy

Students will be charged and liable for registration fees and non-resident tuition (if applicable), according to the refund schedule for any and all classes in which they are enrolled on the first day of classes. Students may drop classes within the first two weeks of classes without financial penalty as long as they remain enrolled in classes. If a student drops all classes or withdraws from the University on or after the first day of classes, they are liable for part or all registration fees (and non-resident tuition, if applicable) depending upon the date of drop/withdrawal. Exceptions are granted only for U.S. compulsory military service. See inside front cover of the class schedule for “Important Registration Activities, Dates and Deadlines.”

Refund Schedule

Refund Schedule
Enrollment PeriodReduced UnitsDrop or Withdraw from ALL
Before first day of classes100% less admin fee100% less admin fee (if fees paid)
First two weeks of classes100% of fee differential less admin feePro-rated refund based on date of drop/withdrawal less admin fee
Third week of classes through 60% of session*No refundPro-rated refund based on date of drop/withdrawal less admin fee
After 60% of session*No refund*No refund

All refunds will be subject to a $5 administrative charge. Withdrawal includes MEDICAL WITHDRAWAL and EDUCATIONAL LEAVE. Exception provided only for U.S. compulsory military service.

*Dropping some (but not all) units (maintaining enrollment in some courses.)

Students who intend to remain enrolled in classes, but wish to drop one or more courses, must drop those courses by the end of the open add/drop period to receive financial credit. Students are financially liable for any courses in which they are enrolled as of the end of the open add/drop period PLUS any courses in which they enroll subsequent to this date UNLESS they are withdrawing from the University (dropping all courses), in which case the pro-rata refund rules described above apply.

Refunds will be automatically processed throughout the term whenever there is a financial credit on the student account. If a student has enrolled in Electronic Funds Transfer, refunds will be deposited to the designated bank account. Otherwise, checks will be mailed.

Prior to a refund being issued, an audit is made on the student account to verify charges and to determine the actual amount that should be refunded to the student, to financial aid programs, and/or to pay other university debts. An administrative fee is retained to help cover the cost of processing a refund.