Student Transition And Retention Center

Schedule an Advising Appointment

The STAR Center offers daily scheduled appointments via Zoom and in person. We have rotating advisors every week. Daisy and Tyrek are here Tuesdays, Cara and Sophia are here Wednesdays, and Anna with both interns on Thursdays. Follow the simple steps below to set up your appointment with one of our advisors.

STAR Center Advisors:

Daisy Lisangan -     Cara Campbell- 

Anna Flores -            Tyrek Edwards - 

                                Sophia Torres - 

We are available to meet in person or via Zoom. For Zoom Appointments send an email to request. 

Make sure you choose the STAR Center as the place you want to meet

Appointment availability will be updated each Thursday for the following week's appointments. 

  • Login to our Appointment Scheduler using your portal ID and password at the link below. 
  • Once you are logged in, click on "Schedule an Appointment"

 Image with cursor over "Schedule an Appointment" button

Appointment Details

  • What is the purpose of your appointment? Select an item from the drop-down menu
  • Where would you like to meet? Select "STAR Center"
  • Who do you want to meet with? Select the STAR Center Advisor you would like to meet. 

Screengrab of drop list of options and availability calendar

Appointment Scheduler Login

Click "Search" to display the availability calendar, select your desired day and time for your appointment

 Screengrab of appointment confirmation screen. "Is there anything else we should know about this appointment before we meet?"

  • Is there anything else we should know about this appointment before we meet?
    • Tell us the main reason you are seeking Academic Advising at the STAR Center and confirm whether you'd like to meet in person or via Zoom
  • Watch for confirmation of your appointment in your email
    • If you do not receive confirmation, check your spam folder. 
    • You will receive an additional email containing your Zoom link for your online meeting, or additional information about our office location.
Appointment Scheduler Login