Off-Campus Housing & Life

Off-Campus Housing

Live in Chico and Walk to Campus

 Chico State is one of the few universities within the CSU system whose central campus location allows students to live close enough to get a full college and community experience.

For our students who are looking for housing outside of campus residences, neither University Housing nor Chico State provides, manages or partners with outside, privately owned housing in Chico, California. 

There are available online resources* to assist in the housing search. Here are some options to consider:

  1. College Pads Housing Search(opens in new window): Provides searches for listings, roommates, subleases, and other resources for off-campus housing near the University and allows you to connect with other Chico State students as potential roommates. Only confirmed Chico State students can access the Roommate Search feature.
  2. Online Listing Sites: Zillow,,,, or other online listing services can provide advanced housing search resources to connect you with available rentals in the Chico Area.
  3. Social Media and Social Media Marketplaces: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can connect you with others living in the Chico area. Additionally, reviewing marketplaces can show you communities or community members who may have rental properties or room spaces available.

*Website Use Terms: Chico State, its Auxiliaries, and University Housing do not manage any of the available off-campus housing search resources nor do they own or manage any properties featured on these third party sites. By utilizing the content provided by Off-Campus Housing you have agreed to the Terms and Disclaimer for use of this site. It's important to be careful when searching for off-campus housing, as many types of scams are prevalent in both online and real world transactions. Rental Listing Scams - Federal Trade Commission. Protect yourself from rental scams - College Pads. How to recognize and Avoid Rental Fraud - Zillow.

Resources for Renters

Community Legal Information Clinic (CLIC): CLIC is an undergraduate legal information clinic that has been providing legal information to students and community members for over 50 years. CLIC also provides paralegal practicum opportunities with students working directly under CLIC’s four supervising attorneys.

The Community Legal Information Clinic (CLIC) provides you with free legal information, not legal advice, and offers services for renters and housing seekers through the link below:

Renter's Insurance: Some landlords may require renter's insurance and some may not. It is always recommended to have proper coverage in case the unexpected happens.

  • Homeowner's Policy - Side Coverage: Some students may be covered under their parent's homeowners policy however it is important not to just assume. If a parent wishes a student's rental to be covered it is important they contact their insurance agent and make sure they are set up for such claims.
  • Car Insurance Policy - Bundles: Some insurance companies allow you to bundle services for a discount! If you already have coverage for a car, you can contact your agent and get quotes on adding a renter's policy to your account. Many times bundling services results in annual savings for a multiple policy account.
  • Renter's Insurance Policy - Single:If the first two options aren't the right fit for you, luckily there's a ton of companies available to offer renter policies. A good place to start learning is to check out this article all about Renter's insurance from The Zebraand also this Forbes article about the importance of renter's insurance. Although we don't a have a specific company to recommend, some online only companies have policies that are as easy to setup as filling in a simple web form from your phone, paying, and that's it covered!

People gather at the Thursday Night Market downtown Chico

students ride their bikes to class under the beautiful canopy of trees

many students who live off campus are close enough to walk to class

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Get Help with Food & Basic Needs

Need help paying for food and basic needs? Complete the Application for Assistance to request help. Or just stop by the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry at Student Services Room 196 for some free food!