Child Development

Mission Statement

Within the context of the broader university commitment to higher education, the Department of Child Development offers opportunities for students to engage in the purposeful acquisition and integration of child development theory, research, and practical field experience.

Specifically, the program centers on learning the foundations of child development (prenatal through adolescence); assessing children and environments (developmental needs, behavioral guidance, home, school, community); analyzing developmental contexts (including gender, ethnicity, social class, family, peers, culture); applying critical thinking skills in personal and professional settings; and influencing character and behavior.

Vision Statement

Students in the Department of Child Development understand the development and environments that affect children and families. Students apply this knowledge, personally and professionally, in a variety of settings, including human services and education. Faculty facilitate students’ professional development by fostering collaborative learning environments that integrate high-quality teaching, mentoring, promoting scholarly activities, guiding relevant practical experiences, and modeling leadership. Graduates of the program are knowledgeable and reflective professionals with field experience, who recognize and value the uniqueness and diversity of children and families within and across multiple contexts.



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