Frequently Asked Questions

Who can play Intramural Sports?
Any regularly enrolled Chico State student, currently enrolled in six or more units. Further guidelines are available for professional, collegiate athletes, and sport club athletes.

Is there a certain athletic skill required?
The Intramural Sports Program is designed for the participation, recreation, and enjoyment of the entire Chico State community. Athletes of all skill levels are invited and encouraged to participate.

What if I want to play but don't have a team?
If you don’t have a team you can register as a Free Agent in that sport. An intramural Free Agent is any CSU, Chico student who wishes to participate in an intramural-sponsored team activity and is not currently a member of a team. Due to the large number of interested individuals, and limited space, we are unable to guarantee that everyone will get a chance to play on a team.

How much does Intramural Sports cost to play?
In order to register a team, in any sport, there is a $50 intramural fee charged per team. This fee can be paid at the WREC front desk via cash, check or credit card by the individual sport deadline dagte. If you are joining an already-created team or signing up as a Free Agent, you do not have to pay the intramural fee.

What is the difference between competitive (Comp) and recreational (Rec)?
In an attempt to equalize competition between athletes, various levels of skill have been established. Comp divisions are designed for those individuals who are somewhat advanced in sport skills and strategies and/or are motivated to play in a highly competitive atmosphere. Rec divisions are designed for those individuals who desire to play recreationally and have some experience and skill in organized sports.

Can I sign-up for multiple teams in a sport?
Yes. Men may sign-up for one team from the men's division and one team from the coed division. Women may sign-up for one team from the women's division and one team in from coed division.